Today’s Lot…

I am dyeing cotton yardage and onesies this morning. I got a new shipment of dyes last week, so now it’s time to try them out. I leave for the Indiana Heritage show in just a little over a week. It’s time to get all the loose ends tied up…what does that mean? For me, it’s dyeing fabric, discharging fabric, and maybe painting some sky fabrics too. It’s always hard to know how much to take anywhere. I guess one just works til the day they leave…and that’s about all you can do. All of my other products have arrived, so I’m good on that front.  I am checking things off my list.

Today I am testing Pro-Chem’s Curry color…I think I’m going to be in love.  :=) Any of the yellow gold muted type dyes are right up my  alley.  They always go well with all the other colors too…the plums, the blues, and amethyst type colors.  I have done some multi pieces and some parfait, which is basically the same thing, but done in a different way…and the results are somehwat different too.  Of course, these are batching right now, so there are no pictures to show you yet…except this one.

I went to Evansville on Saturday to shop, pick up my class sample from the class that didn’t make and meet a couple of artist friends for lunch.  I have this habit now of buying all the luscious colors of thread I can find when I get out there.  It’s weird, I used to be into the shiny Sulky rayon threads, and yeh, I might still use them for something,  but these days my heart has been captured by the colors of polyester that are out there…yummmm….I am so totally smitten…

Hmmm…now that I have them all out, it looks like I am low on oranges…

2 thoughts on “Today’s Lot…”

  1. Yummy stuff! I just bought a book on tray dyeing! What trays do you use or do you just use what old containers you don’t use anymore? In-laws left and I am looking to do some art next Monday!!!

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