Journals For Sale

30 09 2011

Facebook is being mean to me.  It won’t let me upload photos from my hard drive.  I have small journals for sale.  The covers are made from my photos…photos of nature and photos of the cloth and paper cloth that I make.  The journal inside measures 5″ x 7″ and is easily replaced when this one is full.  I am selling them for $17 plus $2 shipping.  If you live in Illinois I will need to charge 6.25% sales tax.  I am going to put some photos up here on my blog.  If you are interested comment here on my blog or message me on FB and we can make payment and shipping arrangements.  Christmas is coming and these will make nice small gifts for friends and family. Thanks for looking!

This journal cover is a photo of paper cloth that I recently made.  The paper cloth is  made with text, sheet music, used coffee filters, pattern tissue,  and copper tissue paper.  I really love how it came out.  After I made the cover, I did a photo transfer with TAP on the front…the photo of the girl is a copyright free image.  There is a brown rubber strap for the closure.



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30 09 2011
Dale Anne Potter (@DaleAnnePotter)

Katherine, this is GORGEOUS!!!

30 09 2011

Thanks, Dale Anne. I sent you an email at the address you listed but it came back to me!

30 09 2011

Kathy, This is lovely! Lynda

30 09 2011
Connie Rose

Really lovely Kathy!

1 10 2011
Jean Rumble

Kathy, I did not know you had these! Bring some up at Thanksgiving as I would like to buy one. Ok? Mom

22 01 2014

Are you still making these?

22 01 2014

Hi Lily, Yes, I still have a supply of journals with all kinds of covers. Check out my Facebook page at Katherine Sands -Textile Art if you are on Facebook…I have photos of all of them. Are you particularly interested in this one? I would have to make one for you and it might be different fabric on the inside.
Thanks for your inquiry.
Katherine Sands

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