Snow Dyeing…

There’s been so much talk about snow dyeing on the lists I belong to…perhaps it’s because there’s been so much snow!  I had to start dyeing this week for the show I am doing in March.  I wanted to wait for it to warm up a bit, but that wasn’t happenin’ so I cranked up the heater in the garage and got to work.  Since I had all the stuff out, and since there was snow on the ground, I decided to try my hand at snow dyeing.  I scrunched three yards up in a tub (my usual method of dyeing), picked up a bunch of snow and put on top (and it was very cold too), then poured three different dye colors on top.  I used greenish brown, bordeaux and a purple-y dye I found left over in my dye fridge. Here’s how it came out. All three yards look pretty much like this.  Interesting.

I used to be an x-ray tech, so basically some of the shapes in this fabric reminds me of  intestines…too much information?

Today’s Experiments…

I am preparing to vend at a quilt show…I really am…so I am doing some experiments with making Angelina beads today…and other kinds of beads…here are my results.

Clockwise from upper left:  painted Tyvek beads—the tyvek was painted first with green and metallic gold, then the strips cut and rolled, then heated a bit (the heat makes the colors darker); painted Tyvek beads–this time the tyvek strips were cut first, rolled around a skewer and then painted with gold metallic paint (I think I like painting the tyvek first, then making the beads); next is beads made from Angelina film—I crinkled the Angelina film, then rolled it on the skewer and heated, on one of them I cut up bits of fibers, heated it and rolled it (these are very sparkly and shiny which you can’t tell so much since I didn’t use a flash for the photo); the purple beads are made from layers of Angelina fibers, which, the more you heat them, the deeper the color gets; and the last beads are made from a sheet of fibers with gold crimped Angelina on it (that’s why it looks hairy), rolled, then heated a bit (could be heated more to control the hairs).

It’s been fun! Now to find something to use these on.