Holidays Are Here Again!

Well, the holidays are back…they do this every year!  I feel like I haven’t gotten much done this week, except for cooking and planning to cook and purchasing food to cook.  Early this morning I did manage to get my rust dyed scarves individually photographed and listed in my Etsy shop.  But that’s about it. I’m making my list and checking it twice…candied sweet potatoes, cranberry/strawberry jello, homemade rolls (2 bags of them, white and wheat), pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling, cheese balls, one for each family, and crackers to go with them.  We’ll be traveling tomorrow to find the rest of the meal.

I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!

dsc03954“Model” wearing the crepe de chine scarf.


Rust Dyed Silk Scarves

I finished three different rusted scarves this week.


That’s silk satin on the left. Notice how it really took the rust.  Crepe de chine in the center and flat crepe on the right. Now that my new order is here, next week I can get started making some art scarves…as well as cooking for Thanksgiving.

Potato Soup…

I don’t usually post about food, but today I am making potato soup before I go teach, so that’s what I am posting about.

When the weather starts to turn cold, I love to start making soup. I love soup. I’m not sure why, but I do. I have never liked potato soup….that is, until recently. I know why I never liked potato soup…my grandmother made it all the time and it was runny, made of mostly milk, few potatoes and celery. I just never cared for it much, consequently, for all these years I never made potato soup. A couple of years ago I found some recipes I thought I would try. There are a couple of different ones I use. They are thick, tasty, and have lots of potatoes in them. I love potato soup! (And I love potatoes, as my hips will attest to) I make it a lot too, as soon as the weather cools. My very favorite potato soup recipe is thick with sour cream, but rather bland….but that is because it is meant to be served with highly seasoned, homemade, deep FRIED, croutons. They are seasoned with parsley, garlic, paprika, salt, and parmesan cheese. Are you drooling yet?


Simmering potatoes, onions and celery…


I added some parsley and chives for a little flavor….now to make the croutons…I like to use whole grain breads for those. I have some homemade in the freezer.

I have to run now, but I will post the croutons later for your drooling pleasure.


Sunday This ‘N That…

The last few days have been like one loooonnnnnnngggggg day. I was busy finishing up working on silk scarves, getting them cataloged, tagged and priced. Then I needed to pack the car with what I planned to sell at the bazaar Friday night and at the same time pack the car for the class I was to teach on Saturday. My brain started getting tired. There were last minute preparations for the class, handouts, notes, etc. I was so busy I forgot to get a picture of the first rust dyed crepe de chine scarf I made. It was quite lovely and of course, it sold Friday night. I actually sold quite a few scarves and am very pleased about that…so pleased, I am ordering more blanks! My scarf supply is pretty depleted at this point as I then consigned a dozen to the shop in Evansville. But I will be doing more rust dyeing. That crepe scarf was too yummy not to make more…and of course, I must have my very own, right?

When I got home last night after being gone the whole day, there was a message on my answering machine about a dessert being needed for a funeral. Of course, there’s no time (or energy at this point) to fix anything in a pan I don’t want back and I don’t have any discardable pans. I don’t keep a lot of stuff around here for the unexpected events like this, so to keep stress at a minimum, I bought some cookies at the dollar store and put in a disposable bag. We had church this morning and lunch with friends, then home to rest a little bit and “pack” my “dessert”. I usually do try to make something special, but there was too much going on this weekend. So tonight I am placing another pretty big scarf order to build my inventory back up. I have an art fair the first weekend of December, so that gives plenty of time to get more done. I will lose a couple of days with the Thanksgiving holiday. I am also hoping to get new art done.

Here is one of the lovely chiffon scarves I did. It has been dyed and discharged. 44″X 44″ silk chiffon. For sale for $45 if anyone is interested. Email me.


UPDATE ON 12/9/08:  This scarf is SOLD.

What I’m Doing Today…

I am working on scarves AGAIN…I have an opportunity to sell tomorrow night as well as deliver some for consignment on Saturday, so gotta get ’em done. Since my Deep Black 609 did not work very well (too red), my scarves are mostly a deep red-purple color. I decided to discharge on some of them because they are so dark (some people may like the dark color). Not very long ago I had decided that I would no longer work with discharge paste simply because I cannot abide the odor of it…but after today I guess I’m changing my mind…can you see why?dsc03860

I stamped the paste on with a sea sponge. What a difference that made. This is a 15″ x 60″ silk crepe de chine (remember it shrinks from that in washing, now measuring about 14.5″ x 56″). For sale for $30 (includes shipping). Email me if you are interested. I am also doing some rust dyeing on a silk scarf and cotton scarves. Stay tuned.

Dyeing Day…

Today I will be working on dyeing….silk scarves and probably some cotton in colors for the commission pieces. I need color swatches to show.

Here’s a scarf I made awhile back….stamped and monoprinted with dye, luscious, buttery, 19.5 mm silk charmeuse, measuring 8″ x 54″. If anyone is interested it is $32, and I’ll include shipping. Email me.


UPDATE:  This scarf is no longer available. Sold on 11/14/08.