I have not blogged in a while.  I have been busy prepping for a couple of shows as well as my solo exhibit.  But tonight I will post a couple of things.

First, I finished two silk scarves today.  They have been rusting for a little too long…I had a show over the weekend so they were left alone with the steel wool. But today I did more printing on them with  new Thermofax screen designs and a 50 cent on clearance bottle of Lumiere paint in Old Brass color.  It looks good on rust dyed silk.  One scarf  is silk habatoi and one is crepe de chine.

Then there is this photo of an unknown bush that I took at Harmonie State Park in Indiana a couple of weeks ago.  The flower is pretty but I don’t know what it is.

I am trying hard not to freak out as the countdown to the exhibit goes on and I look at all the work I have left to do.  I think I see some late nights coming! I wonder if I really have time to take a day off to go to St. Louis for the opening of Speaking of Fibers (I have two pieces in it) and to view Quilt National…you betcha I do!~


8 thoughts on “Stuff…”

  1. Where is the Speaking of Fibers exhibit. I’m going to St. Louis in a couple of weeks for QN and would love to see any fiber exhibits in the area.
    Your scarves look great.

  2. Those scarves are great—such rich coloring from the rusting! Of course you are going to STLouis. Who would miss an opportunity to go see their work hang in a prestigous show??
    Google images of the Butterfly Bush…that is what your plant looks like.

  3. Robin, Thanks Robin.
    It does look like a butterfly bush!
    Jaime, 50 cent Lumiere I happened upon at Joann’s.
    Thanks, Susan and Robin W.!
    Robin W. I sent you a private email about St. Louis.

  4. Yes, Kathy that is a “Butterfly Bush” or Buddleia. Butterflies are attracted to the flowers

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