The Sights of Decatur

30 03 2010

Seen in front of the Art Center in Decatur, IL…a tree in a dress!  Yes! It had wings too.

Quilt Show

21 03 2010

Here’s my booth from the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show in Bloomington, IN.  I was in the annex and in the bar to boot!  Course, they didn’t serve drinks to us.

A whole 4 people could get in here at one time to shop!

Back Home…

14 03 2010

It’s always busy when I get back home…there’s the usual going over the sales, credit slips, checks, banking, over-sales, where I need to order stuff to ship out because I ran out, etc.  And that’s not even including unloading the van…which can take several days just because I don’t get in a hurry!  Going out on the road is tiring work.

My poor neglected blog…well, on Friday I did do some dye painting/screening on the start of a new piece in the series “…But Words Will Never Hurt Me”. I don’t know if it goes beyond this one or not…perhaps. Tomorrow I will put the finishing touches on #2 that will be shipped out this week for the Fiber 2010 show in St. Charles, MO. I just need to put my label with all the artist info on the back, cut the pool noodle the right length for shipping and it will be ready to go.

This is the week I must finish boring taxes. I am working on getting all of my business information together…that is the biggest job. Then I just drop it off to the cpa. Oh but how I hate paperwork…

I’m toying around with the idea of creating some ACEO’s for art fairs. And they may not be fiber either. I have been perusing ebay to see what people are doing and selling…I’m also doing some buying. :=) There is some interesting talent on there. I find myself drawn to bright colors and funky drawings of objects and even some realism, although I still don’t want to do that myself. Wonder why I would like the bright playful colors?

Ok, I’ll share one picture of some drawings I’m playing with.

Well, I didn’t say it was good….I’m just playing around!  I added the “stitches” to see if I would like the interest they might add and explore the possibility of them becoming a trademark.


1 03 2010

I am packing the van today because I have been freaking out that I won’t get everything in it.  Ahhh… IS going to work.  I have so many totes and stuff to take to Bloomington that I have been plotting as to how it was all going to fit.  I am not totally finished with everything…still have some fabric to paint and hand dyes to iron, but the biggest part is done.  Now I just have to get my suitcase, a stool and a small cabinet in there, but it’s going to work without having to block the window of the passenger seat in the front! It is packed tightly, but I will sleep better at night now. Just two more days before I leave…

For your viewing pleasure today…a silk scarf that I wrapped around a jar or a tube and dyed, then I stamped it with washers.  The idea was that the washers with the scarf being still wet, would “bloom” as I stamped it and look more soft and “floral-y”…of course by the time I got to the other side I was concentrating so much on design that I didn’t notice the scarf was dry.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the nice “bloom” I wanted, but I still like the scarf.