Strathmore Workshop 1 Finished

In an earlier post I showed a picture of my start on the Visual Journal page.  This is a workshop I have been following online from Strathmore.  Here is the final look of my page.  We learned to use some art materials that I have never used before. It was interesting and I thank Pam Carriker very much for teaching it.

10 thoughts on “Strathmore Workshop 1 Finished”

  1. Thanks, Connie and Patty. It was pretty fun…I learned about some products I have never used before…I always find that very interesting. Now to try to get a “sketch” done for the Sketchbook Project. The month is almost done.

  2. I LOVE your journal page! I’m in Pam’s class, but STILL haven’t even started my journal page yet! oops. Love her techniques though, and you used them beautifully.


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