Strathmore Workshop 1 Finished

24 01 2011

In an earlier post I showed a picture of my start on the Visual Journal page.  This is a workshop I have been following online from Strathmore.  Here is the final look of my page.  We learned to use some art materials that I have never used before. It was interesting and I thank Pam Carriker very much for teaching it.



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24 01 2011


24 01 2011

Thanks, Lynda. Ok, I will post them side by side in my next post…just for you…!

24 01 2011
Connie Rose

Just love it, Kathy!

24 01 2011
Patty VanHuis-Cox

This turned out great! I am still at step 2. Finished that but need to do step three and watch step 4. I’m getting there!

24 01 2011

Thanks, Connie and Patty. It was pretty fun…I learned about some products I have never used before…I always find that very interesting. Now to try to get a “sketch” done for the Sketchbook Project. The month is almost done.

25 01 2011

Kathy, that is awesome!

25 01 2011

Thanks, Susan. I will bring it with me Thursday and you can see it for real, in person!

31 01 2011

I LOVE your journal page! I’m in Pam’s class, but STILL haven’t even started my journal page yet! oops. Love her techniques though, and you used them beautifully.


5 07 2012

Looks great. Great work kathy.

5 07 2012

Thanks, Esther and Matt, for reading and leaving comments!

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