I printed this out on photo paper, 8 x 10 inch. This is my blooming Bradford pear. What an awesome picture. Digital cameras are the best, don’t ya’ think? The 8 x 10 looks like a painting!


Monday Ramblings…

I am back from the Decatur show, my head is full…of thoughts and things to do this week. There is the possibility of some workshops with the quilt guilds ahead. And now I am the proud inheritor of my grandmother’s Singer Featherweight sewing machine! I spent some time with my mother this weekend and she gave me grandma’s machine. I am excited about that. It’s good to be home and today is a “tired” day. I am resting.

Monday ramblings has turned into…Tuesday Ramblings

I did some demos of stenciling with paintstiks at the show which sold my new stencils very well. I oversold the leaves stencil, don’t ya’ know! I have plenty more on order and will be putting them up on my website soon.


paintstik leaves

Using the 1/2 inch paintstik brush with short bristles made specifically for use with paintstiks, I stenciled these leaves onto a light gray hand dye. After applying one color and leaving the stencil in place, I applied a second color in various places to provide shading and dimension. People were quite impressed with them. Paintstiks are wonderful for stencils and rubbings. The only downside I can see about them is that you can’t be in a hurry with them. They do take some time to dry. After all, it is oil paint. But it doesn’t take the drying time of an oil painting.

Here is what a section of the Southwest stencil looks like. I did repeats of the design. Again, I used more than one color for dimension.

southwest stencil


These are available for $3 each plus shipping.

I see several possibilities with these designs. They can be applied to a border and then used as the quilting design; just quilt around them as it’s already marked. One could apply fusible to the back and cut them out to make applique. You could also do some thread painting on them to fill in the vein and stem areas, then cut them out for applique.

Quilt Shows

I am leaving in the a.m to first, drop off a quilt at Rend Lake Artisan’s center for their quilt show. It will run the whole month of April and is planned to coincide with the AQS quilt show in Paducah.

Then I am off to Decatur, IL for the quilt show there. I will be vending and sharing a motel room with my good friend, Betty from the Village Mercantile in Boonville, IN. This is an annual two day quilt show and a pretty well attended one.

If you have not gotten to Evansville to the Women’s Hospital to see the Inspired Women in Art exhibit, you have a little over a week to get there. That show comes down on April 4 and my piece called “Labuk’s Gift” is on display.

I will have our laptop with me this weekend so I can check in on what is going on!

This wonderful quilt was created by my friend, Cynthia, from Greenwood, IN. Enjoy.


I’m Back…Sort Of

What I would like to know is this…has anyone else had their blog crashed twice in a year? And if you did, what did you do? And for those who say to get a paid blog, I was on a paid site. It was part of my website, but it had a different domain name. I still don’t know how to get all of my files and pictures over to this blog. I guess I am just not that in-the-know technically. So temporarily I will be at this blog address until, when and if, they get things straightened out at the other host. You know things are getting bad when tech support starts telling you to move your site. I’m back….but I’m limping badly. I was using my blog to communicate with students about upcoming classes. Now I will have to redo all of that. They have been trying to access the pages, but no go.

Well, on a higher note, I sold a piece of art this weekend at a small art festival in Kentucky. The day was looking pretty bleak, not one sale til 2 p.m. but then it all perked up a bit. I guess it’s really never over til it’s over! That sale made my day. It’s not all about the money you know. It’s quite a bit about the affirmation!