A Tale of Two Lambs

11 03 2013

I am finally posting on my long-neglected blog. Life has been wayyyy too busy! I am busy working at the paper, the holidays came and went during which time I was taking an InDesign class so I could learn to do layout for work, and at the same time, I was working with my illustrator, Jaime Brannon Haney, putting this book together.

It is our first children’s book, A Tale of Two Lambs. The book was timed to come out before Easter as it is created around the Easter story. You can order copies at https://www.createspace.com/4144683 or  pay through Paypal to my email address at kathy@katherinesands.com and I will ship it out! The book is $10.95 plus $3.00 tax and shipping when you order from me.

A Tale of Two Lambs



8 responses

11 03 2013

Pretty Cool! Congrats!

11 03 2013

You are so very talented in so many ways! Can’t wait to get my very own copy!

11 03 2013

Aw…thanks, you two!

11 03 2013
Rosemary Claus-Gray

Congratulations, Kathy. Good for You!!

11 03 2013

Thank you, Rosemary!

11 03 2013
Robbie Payne

Congrats!!!! How cool!!!

22 03 2013

You told me about this but I didn’t realize it was out already! I am so incredibly proud of you both for this wonderful accomplishment. Much success to you!!

22 03 2013

Thanks, Robin!!!

Katherine Sands creator of wild hand dyed fabrics kathy@katherinesands.com http://www.katherinesands.com blog at http://www.katherinesands.wordpress.com Author of “A Tale of Two Lambs” coming out 2013 In God I Trust

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