My Day…So Far!

These photos sum up what I have been up to today….

California White Chocolate Fudge with dried apricots and walnuts
California White Chocolate Fudge with dried apricots and walnuts
Snack Mix Squares
Snack Mix Squares
Molasses-Spice Crinkles
Molasses-Spice Crinkles – that is sparkling sugar on these cookies

Peanut butter sandwich on Ritz Crackers dipped in chocolate

Peanut butter sandwiches on Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate
Almond Strips - OMG these are the best...almond flavored shortbread drizzled with almonds and vanilla flavored icing
Almond Strips – OMG these are the best…almond flavored shortbread drizzled with almonds and vanilla flavored icing

Now that the shows are done, I can finish preparing for the holidays. All I have left to do, as far as candy and cookies are concerned, is peanut butter balls and dipped pretzels. Yea!

7 thoughts on “My Day…So Far!”

  1. *That looks so yummy!

    Well we had the appointment with the ENT today and Barry has totally lost hearing in his left ear. Hearing aids will not do. Dr Dolgin gave him a nose spray that he hopes will stop the congestion and drainage. Wants to see him in 4 months. He also has a deviated septum but past telling us that’s what he has, nothing was mentioned about correcting it.* * * *I am concerned because Barry seems to be forgetting a lot about his health. Says he’s had ear problems since he was a kid, but that he really hasn’t had problems with hearing and infections much. Kathy, he has had problems with his ears ever since I’ve known him it has just exacerbated over the last year to the point where this one keeps getting infected, but today it was clear. I will be calling tomorrow about a referral back to Dr Abraham, his pulmonary doctor to see if he might do a sleep study, I think if he was on CPAP he would rest better and those air passages would stay open. Plus I think he’s not getting enough oxygen. I would be much better off if I didn’t know so much about the medical stuff. Ignorance would be bliss right now. He says he feels sick at his stomach all the time and limits his eating. He has always had a great appetite, even back when he was drinking. I may be repeating myself with some of this, I catch myself doing that frequently anymore. Just overlook it.

    Hope like you say, you can settle in and continue getting ready for Christmas and I know that you have a birthday coming too. Enjoy your baking and doing the fun creative things in the kitchen that you like.

    Love you, Kinny*

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