14 11 2012

A couple of weeks ago I had a play day with Lynda of Bloom, Bake, Create fame. We had been planning for some time to try out indigo dyeing.  I finally had a day free!  Here are my cotton cloth prints.

I also tried three kinds of silk scarves in the vat but did not leave them in long enough. I attempted to re-dye them the next day in the vat, but it had oxidized too much. I then over-dyed them with a procion dye which actually turned out similar to the indigo dyeing.

On the left, silk chiffon (yummm!), then a silk crepe, and a silk habatoi.

A productive day!



5 responses

14 11 2012
Lynda Heines (@bloombakecreate)

Your scarves turned out beautiful! What a fun day.

14 11 2012

You know I’m not a “blue” person, but the scarves are beautiful!

14 11 2012

Thanks, Lynda and Susan! I’m wondering if a little touch of silver would be pretty on these for the holidays….

15 11 2012
vivian helena Aumond-Capone

which Procion Dye color did you use,,, or did you mix two blues? I have been playing with ice dyeing, talk about addicting! I am going to start doing some over dyeing on some of my “stash”…

15 11 2012

Hi Vivian, I used Pro Chem’s mixing blue 402c. It’s almost like a midnight blue. Ice dyeing is on my list to do too, now that we have done indigo!

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