Antique Potato Masher

9 10 2012

This is my new printing tool.  I paid a pretty penny (more like $$$) for it, but for some reason I had to have it.  I will wax with it too.

I like the pattern on it…can’t wait to batik with it!



8 responses

10 10 2012

That’s neat. I’ve not seen a potato masher with multi size holes. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

10 10 2012
Sharon Eley

Oooo, Kathy, what a neat find! I’ve never come across one like this. Our ancestors have a LOT to share with us. Great creative fun! Enjoy the process of discovery!

10 10 2012

Kathy, Wow! What a great tool. What a find! Look forward to seeing what you create with it.

10 10 2012

I have been hunting for one with circles the same size, but have not found one…I thought this was pretty unusual, so I got it.

11 10 2012
Terri at Time To Be Inspired

Can’t wait to see what you do with this beautiful find!

25 10 2012

Hi Terri, I am teaching a class this weekend. I will be sure to get some photos of what the use of this masher can do! Thanks for commenting.

25 10 2012
Terri at Time To Be Inspired

I’m expecting great results! In fact I was inspired to buy a couple of different mashers when I found them at a discount store. I’ll show you what I do with them next time I’m printing.

25 10 2012

Can’t wait to see your designs!

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