Wax and Collage

No name for these yet….Paper collaged on cradled wood, then coated with beeswax/damar resin mix, then I “drew” in the wax and colored with paintstiks.  Then I used a tracing paper to make marks.  Love this whole process.


18 thoughts on “Wax and Collage”

  1. Oops – that went before I was done. The process you used to create these sounds very interesting. I wish we could see some texture in the photo, because I’m sure it’s there.

  2. Hi Terri, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Actually, there really isn’t texture per se, in these since they have a coat of wax on them. In the red areas I did draw into the wax, but then it has been fused with a heat gun, so there really still is no texture!

  3. Thanks, but I think even the sheen of the wax gives you a feeling of depth that is hard to capture in a photo. Not being critical, but I have done some work with encaustic and it is so much better “live”, don’t you think? So I’m just imagining the loveliness.

  4. ok, I see what you’re getting at…oh yeh, there’s a smooth surface of wax and of course, the beeswax smell is so lovely too….yeh, these probably look pretty “flat” to the person just seeing a photo. I might have to do some close-ups and see if I can get a view of the wax and post them.

  5. The other “surprise” was the green bubble paper…it is tissue paper, which became somewhat transparent when laid over the other papers. I liked that happening. Even though it was fairly fragile, I love how you can see through it a bit.

  6. You’re on a roll. One creative thought sparks another one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The orange and green are wonderful together and the dots:)) I was thinking of you today when Mark Lipinski posted using a hot glue gun and crayons for a way of doing encaustic??? It was just a picture on his FB page but curious nonetheless. Love seeing what you are up to .

  8. Thanks Robin!~ I sort of see it as a red-orange, but that might be because I did the painting! It has a yellow watercolor base, then I used the red paintstik on the wax.
    I suppose you could melt crayons and you already have your paint. This is beeswax mixed with damar resin. I don’t think it would be considered encaustic painting, per se. I am using the wax instead of an acrylic topcoat…the fun part is the other stuff you can do in the layers of wax!
    Always having fun….

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