Catching Up

Here are photos of my booth in Bloomington, IN along with my friend Cynthia who was my helper for  2 days.  I think she enjoyed getting out with people for awhile.

We demo-ed painting with Tsukineko inks in the bottle.  They are wonderful to paint with!  They don’t change the hand of the fabric like acrylic fabric paints do.  If you mix them with aloe vera gel to paint with like we do, you have the ability to spread them and blend them.


8 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Glad to see photos of your booth, nice & full! I love doing retail shows, and the demos sure draw people to your booth. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ok, here’s the story with the aloe vera gel. Mixed with the ink, it makes the ink more spreadable and blendable than without it. It also dilutes the color so that you can start layering shades of colors, starting with the very lightest. I simply squirt some clear aloe vera gel (purchased at Walmart in the bandaid section) onto a palette, then dip an applicator in ink and mix with the aloe vera. If I need more color I add more ink. One can also use an eye dropper to get ink out of the bottle. Then begin to paint. The fish in the above photo was done in this manner:
    lemon yellow ink mixed with aloe vera gel
    lemon yellow ink used full force with an applicator to create the areas of shading
    tangerine ink mixed with aloe vera gel painted over the areas of shading
    tangerine ink full force and deepen the shading
    Next I used Autumn Leaf ink mixed with aloe vera and continue to deepen the shading
    Last come back with Autumn Leaf used undiluted to make the really dark areas.
    Here is a tutorial by Judy Perez on using the inks (but not with aloe vera gel) to paint the fish.

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