More Wax ACEO’s

I  “edited” some of the ATC’s from the last post.  Then I took the plunge (gulp) and made some in black and white photos to see what would happen with them.  I’m VERY pleased with the black and white.  The wax has a honey color that adds a vintage patina look to the card…I think it’s quite wonderful.

7 thoughts on “More Wax ACEO’s”

  1. Thanks for commenting Vivian….I am TAKING the time to play this week. I wanted to in between the holidays, but that didn’t work out…!

    Thanks Lynda…do you refer to the black and white ones…I am REALLY loving those. So much so, I think I will make more!

  2. I like the wax’s vintage look too! The “without a word” & “I believe” pieces are very nice too! They’re smaller than I first thought. What will they be?

  3. Susan, they are ATC size…2.5 x 3.5 inches. I’ll give some to some friends I owe trading cards to…for now. I may mount some of them to sell. I am thinking about making some bigger ones such as 4 x 4 inches. It’s in the queue in my head anyway!
    Don’t know why you got unsubscribed…I didn’t blog from 11/7 to 12/31…long time.

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