Smooch Spritz

I said I would post a sample and here it is.  I played with the Smooch Spritz today.  These are inks in a small spritzer.  Kind of fun to play with but one has to learn control over the spray!

In the sample, I first sprayed over the Arabesque stencil from The Crafter’s Workshop.  I sprayed several colors.  I love the look of the sprayed ink on the paper. Then I made a paper mask in the shape of a bottle (some may think it is a gourd, but I tried hard to make it look like a bottle!).  I laid this down in various positions and sprayed over it.  I have 6 colors of the spritz.  I love the yummy yellow.  The Spritz has metallic bits in it, but that may be hard to tell from the photograph.  This was done on watercolor paper.  I will have to try it on fabric next.

Roz Stendahl’s Workshop At Strathmore Begins

I played last night at creating backgrounds for Roz’ class. I enjoyed it immensely. I did use some acrylic inks to splatter on the pages, but they seemed to dry v…e…r…y slowly, so I am not pleased with them. I am wondering if the brand or the age of the inks might be the issue. I used a Crafter’s Workshop circle grid stencil and distress ink pads to make the designs. Distress ink is probably not going to be waterproof going forward, but we shall see. I enjoyed playing with the colors and textures.

Mixed Media Visual Journal

I REALLY like the mixed media paper…not as heavy as the watercolor, but takes the wet media very well.

So now I am making a list of Golden Fluid acrylic paints I need…I pretty much used up the only yellow I had.

The next photo is the 140 lb. watercolor journal.