I’m In To Pottery

I dig pottery pieces.  The potters I know make very artistic work.  They play with colors and patterns and textures.  I usually buy small bowls that are experimental work and soap dishes.  The soap dishes are so much more though; they can be used for spoon rests too. Here are a couple I just bought.  These are by Tom Wintczak from Bee Tree Pottery in Indiana.

The back is pretty cool too.

And the back…

I love Tom’s work!

And for an update on potato chip scarves…here is a new one I just finished in Sensations Angel Hair yarn.  It is 22% wool, 50% acrylic, and 28% nylon.  It is soft and a bit fuzzy, fun and warm to wear.

7 thoughts on “I’m In To Pottery”

  1. I agree, those pottery pieces are very unique. I bet a candle would look pretty on them too. Another idea might be a landing place for a cell phone, keys or jewelry. And your scarf is lovely, is this a niece’s Christmas gift?

  2. No, Susan, this is mine…unless someone talks me into selling it!
    Yes, good candleholder too and I do use one for a catchall.
    Thanks Lynda. Tom’s work is awesome. I know the Courier has done articles on him before…he has been around for a while.

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