The Next Day

8 12 2010

Ok, I need some help.  I was thinking about making the bags a little different than I usually do….but then I couldn’t resist making some with a boxed bottom.  You tell me which you like best.

Is it this way?

Or this way?

They are pretty cute sitting up….



9 responses

8 12 2010

I really like the boxed bottoms. Do you line them?

8 12 2010
Patty VanHuis-Cox

Boxed bottoms!!

8 12 2010

I like the boxed bottom ones. To me, they’d be more stable and easier to use. They are gorgeous, by the way!

8 12 2010

Thanks, Trece, and thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I look at my stats sometimes and I see lots of people reading, but few ever talk to me! ;=(

8 12 2010

I guess my main reason for leaving some as flat bags was to give people more choice ….but don’t we in America have plenty of choices already???? I probably would just confuse them!

8 12 2010
Dale Anne Potter

LOVE the boxed bottoms!

8 12 2010
Dale Anne Potter

GORGEOUS by the way…!!!

12 12 2010
Judy Rys

I like the bags with the boxed bottom. I know it’s only an extra seam, but they feel more finished.

13 12 2010

Thanks for weighing in, Dale Anne and Judy.

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