Today’s Experiments

2 12 2010

I am starting some new work.  Put colors together and piece.  Hmmm…not really satisfied with the salmon-ey orange color with the blue….I’m using my handy dandy 3-in-1 Color Wheel Tool. I also sell these now, so contact me if you need one.

I decided to paint it using either Setacolor or Dye-Na-Flow paints. I had forgotten how nice, fluid-y, and pigmented Dye-Na_Flow paints are.  It was the perfect paint for this project.  I might have used a different color though.  Now I have cheddar as the color for my art.  Well, I’ll be doing some other things to it that will tone it down a bit. Hopefully.



5 responses

2 12 2010
Connie Rose

I like where that’s going, Kathy!

3 12 2010

Thanks, Connie…I’ll update as I go.

3 12 2010
Robin Koehler

That cheddar color is great and really makes a punch with the black and white-ZING!

8 12 2010

I like these colors, especially with the black/white print.

8 12 2010

But will anyone want it on their living room walls?????

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