Working out in the patio yesterday, I dyed 10 of these…Sweet little onesies for sweet little babies.

Between Monday and Tuesday, I finished 8 new silk scarves and have 3 more waiting to finish.  I need some time to decide how to finish them.  I want to do more wax designs.  There is only one in this group using my new “BIG sponge” stamp. I love the BIG sponge.

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8 thoughts on “Progress!”

  1. Thanks, Patty and Jaime. I am so glad you guys stopped by and left a comment. Now I need to go check your blogs. ;=)

  2. i was wondering where do you buy the scarves and dye. i live in a town where we dont have optoins for crafting stores.

    thank you (ur scarves are awsome)

  3. Hi,
    My name is Ayla and I have been very interested in this scarf making business how do you make the patterns.
    Regards Ayla

  4. Ayla, thanks for coming by and commenting…to answer your question…there are many way to put patterns on scarves. I always use dyes because dyes don’t change the hand of the fabric..they don’t get stiff. I use stamps, rubbings, screen printing and lots of different methods to make the designs. Sometimes I dye them and then take the color out with a discharge product. It’s really a matter of trying out the techniques and experimenting.

  5. Thanks for replying,
    I really like your blog because it’s really colourful and reminds me of my teacher. I am a student and I have my own blog and find your blog quite inspirational so thank you for inspiring me.
    Regards Ayla

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