Trial Run

My friend Robin Koehler went to quilt market in Minneapolis this year and brought me back a present.  She found some guy demo-ing a new (?) discharge product and got me a sample bottle to try out.  She said the guy wasn’t using any kind of protection such as a face mask (shame on him).  The product’s name is DeColourant and is produced by the KandiCorp company.  You apply the paste to your cloth, let it dry, then iron it. I tried it, I like it, but you should wear a mask.  The smell is not as strong as regular discharge paste, but it has the same chemical in it.

Here are my results.  The final after-washing look on black cotton is not quite white…leans more beige, but I like the look.  It looks more white when you first iron it, but changes a bit after washing.

This photo is post-ironing.

And this is what the color looks like after washing.