More Fun…

See this stencil?  This is from Crafter’s Workshop. I have a bunch of these coming in.  It is 6″ x 6″ and they are $4.  I took this stencil and metallic gold paint…

…and just for fun…I stenciled on a painted yellow dryer sheet…

The painted gold tyvek beads from yesterday looked SO plain…I had to do something else to them…

NOW they’re pretty….

5 thoughts on “More Fun…”

  1. Jaime, I use dryer sheets in my mixed media work…and it’s fun to print on them and see how the printing looks in the piece. I see this one as mainly needing to be used on a white background. If you put it up against anything else the stenciled design disappears. Right now, it’s just an experiment. If I use it in something, I’ll let ya’ know!

  2. Hi Linda, Thanks for leaving a comment…I sent an email to you…probably a week ago…and it has now been returned…don’t know why. Anyway, I have the stencils in stock if you need one.. They are $4. I have one listed in my etsy shop with a set of painted dryer sheets if that interests you. Just contact me if you want anything. Thanks.

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