More Fun…

12 02 2010

See this stencil?  This is from Crafter’s Workshop. I have a bunch of these coming in.  It is 6″ x 6″ and they are $4.  I took this stencil and metallic gold paint…

…and just for fun…I stenciled on a painted yellow dryer sheet…

The painted gold tyvek beads from yesterday looked SO plain…I had to do something else to them…

NOW they’re pretty….



5 responses

12 02 2010

Woo hoo! Love the glitz!

12 02 2010
Jaime Haney

so pretty… I love the stenciled fabric! I agree, the beads look even better now! What are you going to do with the fabric sheet?

12 02 2010

Jaime, I use dryer sheets in my mixed media work…and it’s fun to print on them and see how the printing looks in the piece. I see this one as mainly needing to be used on a white background. If you put it up against anything else the stenciled design disappears. Right now, it’s just an experiment. If I use it in something, I’ll let ya’ know!

17 02 2010
Linda Lynch

Love the beads! That stencil is great fun. Might have to get one.

23 02 2010

Hi Linda, Thanks for leaving a comment…I sent an email to you…probably a week ago…and it has now been returned…don’t know why. Anyway, I have the stencils in stock if you need one.. They are $4. I have one listed in my etsy shop with a set of painted dryer sheets if that interests you. Just contact me if you want anything. Thanks.

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