Making Cloth, Making Art

20 11 2009

Some of you might remember these pieces of jar lid resist fabric I posted pictures of a couple of weeks ago. Well, those white circles were just too much contrast for me. I wanted to paint them bronze. Last night I sat and meticulously painted each circle. But not all bronze dyes are made alike…as you can see in this picture…’s too brown!  Today I tried some transparent acrylic paint to make it go more golden…

This is more what I had in mind.  I prefer to use dye paint, but acrylic was faster….just how many days do I want to put into this cloth? I still may mix some yellow dye paint and try it.

In other news, I have been working on my Visioning goals this week.  I got  two small pieces stitched and matted, and worked on one experimental sample, then started another.



6 responses

20 11 2009
Connie Rose

I totally love that last piece, Kathy…it’s just awesome!

20 11 2009

Thanks, Connie. I could make free form pieces all day long….!

23 11 2009
Robin Koehler

I am so glad you colored in the circles. I too felt there was too much contrast.
The last piece is very cool.
Can’t wait to see what you played with today!

23 11 2009

Hi Robin, I guess it all depends on what you want to use the cloth for…the white circles would work for some things…but not for others! I have no idea how these fabrics will be used yet. I am playing with one idea.

27 11 2009

I would have left the bronze alone – I loved it. But then again, I am not a bright color person. The last piece puts me to shame _ I haven’t done anything…and this one is a delight to look at!

27 11 2009

Thanks Rayna…but you have some good excuses for not doing anything…You’ve been teaching and helping your daughter and now they live with you…for now anyway. Don’t feel bad…you’ll get back to it.
As to the bronze…Dharma’s bronze is just warmer in color…I had to buy this at Blick cause I ran out…it sure is a different bronze.

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