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21 10 2009

I have been running around a lot for the last two months solid, so it is nice to finally be at home without having somewhere to be this weekend.  I have been catching up on some cleaning and doing some cooking, for a change of pace, as well as anxiously looking forward to creating some of my own work again.

But in between the cooking and cleaning, under the pretext of  “I need to use up this dye”, I have been creating some cloth.  It is time to clean up the patio workspace and using up the dye is a way of rewarding myself for it. This is two fat quarters in coordinating shibori patterns.

Picture 038
And another coordinated set of fat quarters…

Picture 041

This one I poured several colors on.  The pattern was made by clamping it with small spring clamps that are two inches long.  I was totally surprised and delighted with how the patterning came out on it.  It was a paint rag and I think it has some metallic paint on it too. I will be making more of this pattern.

Picture 037

Picture 045



8 responses

22 10 2009

Love that last one expecially. They are all great.

23 10 2009

Thanks, Gerrie!

23 10 2009


I love the fabric you made with the sping clamps!

This time of year, if used just right, I could see all of those white areas used as eyes!

25 10 2009
Robin Koehler

The spring clamp piece gave a very fun and interesting pattern!

25 10 2009

Susan and Robin, Thanks for leaving comments! I’m going to be doing more playing with the little clamps.

26 10 2009

ooooooh – I am jealous of your results!! Yum.

27 10 2009
Sharon Roth

oooooh, Kathy, love these designs. Don’t you love it when your experiments are so successful? I’m still working on the organizing/cleanup phase of creativity…but beneath the surface, ideas are percolating😀

27 10 2009
Sharon Roth

Oh, yeah…and thanks, Kathy, for posting your blog comments on FB…otherwise I might miss some of your blog reporting🙂

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