Life In August

11 08 2009

I’m such a slacker on this blog!  I really didn’t have much of anything interesting to report.  I have been getting ready to teach and vend, so have not been making any art, that’s for sure.  I have some new products to sell and the class I taught last weekend was machine quilting.  What’s there to say about that?

I do have a sample that I quilted with my Featherweight machine.  That might be interesting to see.

none 201

A complaint I have about stitching this way on the Featherweight, and it may be a problem unique only to mine and not to other machines, is that when the needle goes down in the hole a second time, a pretty noticeable knot appears (at least with black thread on white cloth).  But I made the sample to show my class that it is possible to do this on a Featherweight.

I love Kathy Sandbach’s books on machine quilting.  The one I used for the class was Show Me How To Machine Quilt.  She has developed a method of creating unique continuous line designs in stitch for quilts with diagrams showing how to start and continue. It’s a great book especially if you are looking to go beyond stippling and other filler designs. I have some left over from the class.  They are $16.95 plus shipping.  They are not up on the website yet.

KathySandbach book

Another piece of news:  I now have Rayna Gillman’s book for sale on my website!  See here.

Rayna's book

Well, I guess that’s all for today…hopefully it won’t be so long between posts this time!



3 responses

19 08 2009
Linda Lynch

I am amazed that you did that quilting on a Featherweight~!

19 08 2009

Hi Linda, thanks for leaving a comment…yes you can do free form quilting on a Featherweight! But like I said, I’m not happy with that knot problem on mine.

21 08 2009

Hi, thought you might be interested in knowing that some of Kathy Sandbach’s quilts are available on ebay. She has a debilitating condition called FrontalTemporal Dementia and her children are selling off her quilts to defray costs of Assisted living care

Right now there are only 3 or 4 quilts available but if the auctions go well, they have as many as 100 more quilts to post on eBay.

Wiarm quilt hugs, sue in CA

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