Observations Worth Noting…

I love it when interesting discoveries come along.  That’s part of the fun of this artsy lifestyle.  I decided to dye paint a large (1 yd.) piece of fabric for a background a couple of weeks ago.  Normally I would paint with a 2 inch sponge brush, but because of the somewhat daunting size of the cloth, I decided to roll the paint on with a sponge roller.  I used a sturdy metal handled paint roller about 4 inches wide and probably 1.5 inches in diameter.

I was very surprised and pleased with the results.  Using the roller gave the paint on the cloth an unevenness of coverage that I found wonderfully stimulating.  With the large open background the variety of pattern and nuances of colors happened (I think) better with using the roller.  I sprayed water on to help the colors move and blend.  Try it and see what you come up with!



3 thoughts on “Observations Worth Noting…”

  1. Yes, it was thickened dye. I have several colors made up I need to use. I always do a pre-soak in soda ash and hang the cotton on the line, because I want to start out on dry cloth, although for a background like this, wet would probably be fine. I just had some that was ready and dry, so I used that. If the fabric is dry, the roller “skips” a bit on the cloth, making cool marks, so that’s something to consider. Perhaps you could do a test…one cloth wet and one cloth dry.

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