Textural Studies….

I love texture.  I love it so much that I hunt around my house for things to slap onto a canvas and paint over.  Crumpled paper (brown and tissue), joint tape, onion and potato mesh bags, cheesecloth, heated tyvek, little micro beads…nothing is safe from me.  I like contrasting textures.

I love the textural markings I get in my hand dyed fabrics.  There is movement and pattern.  Some people like the flat colored hand dyes.  Not me…give me excitement and zing and movement! Here are a couple of collages on canvas that I have been working on.  These use all those things mentioned above.



One thought on “Textural Studies….”

  1. Me too! Texture Lover, that’s me! Tyvek, got it (my dh is an engineer that deals with Industrial Safety Supplies..Ever heard of KimWipes? No?!!? Email me and I’ll fill you in! See my blog for more info on a couple of techniques..Love,love,love TEXTURE!!! And I love your collage! Tell me what you did Kathy! Look at what I’ve been doin lately. Let’s email and catch up

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