I Always Learn Something…

…so I went to work yesterday making a postcard to trade with Susan Lenz.  Have you ever created something…and then, afterwards, you turned it a different way….and you like it better!?  That’s what happened here.  I created the postcard like this…

…but I like it much better like this…!

Since I am now a retailer of Fast2Fuse, I decided that I should try it out.  What great stuff…fusible on both sides…nice and stiff…great for postcards.

And one other thing…I like to use sheers for layering in my work.  I love using painted fusible web to add a bit of color with some transparency.  The other thing great about this is I put some loose threads on top of the postcard and the threads stick to the fusible web when heated.

Cyber Fyber Trade In The Works

Thanks to Patty Van Huis-Cox’s blog, I found my way over to another blog by Susan Lenz. Susan has a bunch of ATC’s and postcards that she is trading for.  After looking them over for a couple of days I plunged in and picked one here. My only problem now is….what will I send her?  She is going to be displaying these at a South Carolina gallery in January 2009.  Gotta get to work!

Soy wax design screened with inks on cotton.