Dyeing Day

I had a fabric dyeing day Monday.  I put some pieces on the clothesline and poured the dye over them. I have the dyed toes and feet to prove it.  I needed to replenish olive, aqua greens and blues.  I used a recipe I made several years ago on natural muslin.  This time I dyed on pfd white cotton.  There’s a little bit of difference, but really, it’s a pretty good match. I had new brown I wanted to test…I love it.

I did a parfait, stacking fabrics on top of each other.  The first layer didn’t get much dye transferred from the second layer.

The pink fabric turned out pretty awesome, I think.  Here are two different parts of it.  I am really liking the combination of the orangy-yellow and pink.

2 thoughts on “Dyeing Day”

  1. These are gorgeous!!! I have a sampler set of dyes I want to try to use for the first time. I have never used them before and was a little timid about trying. Now seeing your stuff makes me want to play with them!! Nice work!

  2. You are whetting my appetite for dyeing. As soon as we get some decent weather in Portland. I am missing the sun and warmth of the middle east, but it is good to be home and catching up on my fave blogs.

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